Club History

We are working hard to find out the actual date our club was formed.

We found an article in the Courier Post dated January 8, 1935. The article relates to an upcoming lecture that Mr. William A. Ruth will give to the Woodbury High School Chess Club and the Woodbury Chess Club. The president of the Woodbury Chess Club that year was Josiah DuBois.

We found additional information from around the end 1966 in the form of a news release. It announces the winner of the Woodbury Chess Club’s Championship Tournament. We found in our archives the actual results of that tournament dated 1966-1967. The key bit of info here is that also mentions that the Woodbury Chess Club has been meeting for the past 25 years at the Presbyterian Church at Woodbury. Thus when you take the date of the news release and go back 25 years, that puts the club in existence in 1941.

We also have a letter dated December 30, 1966 from the Treasurer of the Woodbury Chess Club to the Treasurer og the church. In that letter the Treasurer thanks the church for the use of the facility and mentions that he has been playing there at the club for the past 20 years. This dates our club back to the 1946 time frame.

If any of you “Old Timers” out there have any additional info about the origins of the club, by all means let us know!